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ONE WORKPLACE on the move

We move fast, driven by the urgency we feel to get new potential therapies to those in need. But we don't fly solo. We truly value collaboration and inclusivity. We’re all about getting the job done — together.

We embrace a pioneering spirit and share a passion for developing therapies that can transform the lives of those affected by genetic disorders. At AVROBIO, we work together toward our ambitious goal to halt or reverse genetic disease with a single dose.

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Building an authentic community

We are proactive and engaged with the patient community, holding regular advisory board meetings and inviting people living with genetic disease and their advocates to talk to our team.

We are actively engaged with the global scientific community as well, presenting at and participating in conferences and sharing our insights through our Vector Space Blog. Read those posts here.

We also care deeply about our colleagues and always make time to share ideas. Twice a week, the whole company comes together over a catered lunch. It’s a wonderful opportunity to talk to colleagues across the organization. We also spend time together at our cutthroat chili cook-offs, our fabulous Halloween celebration and our occasional Thirsty Thursdays (sometimes these involve high tea; other times it’s over a poker game — penny-ante, of course!).

What distinguishes us most:

Our great sense of community and investment in each other’s success.


Our core
Building the AVROBIO community

We’re here to help you flourish. Among the many benefits we currently offer: Generous leave for new parents (no matter how long you’ve worked here!), parking or commuting reimbursement and access to Thrive Pass, which covers fitness equipment, gym memberships, golfing fees, meditation and nutrition classes – or just about any other program that contributes to your well-being.

While we’re in work-from-home mode during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re also offering a child-care subsidy for in-home babysitters, since most day care centers and summer camps are closed. Since we all miss our catered lunches, we’ve started sending occasional treats to employees’ homes. And for those who have home office equipment needs, we’ve made sure they’re taken care of.


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