Inclusivity is key to scientific advancements: Why I helped start “Out Toxicologists and Allies”

In the modern world of science, things move fast. There is always a new innovation or discovery just around the corner, ready to change the field. And it’s all the result of people working together: a combination of great dedication, rigorous research, and steadfast support from colleagues. However, diversity of thought is the silent understructure […]

Cruella’s at the door

That’s what I call her: Cruella, my inner critic, the woman who’s perched in my psyche just dying to point out how much I suck. She raised her mean head just this week after I flubbed a presentation at a critical meeting.  I was mortified at my own mistake, seeing in my mind’s eye how […]

You can’t yoga your way out of burnout: Reflections on keeping a team energized and productive during a pandemic

This pandemic year has been tough on all of us. But as I reflect back on 2020, I’ve realized that the strains also brought opportunity. The profound dislocations of the year prompted new ways of thinking about nurturing team culture, buoying morale and maintaining strong forward momentum as a business amid steep challenges. As chief […]

Challenging the central dogma

You may have caught Malcolm Gladwell’s The Obscure Virus Club on his Revisionist History podcast. I heard it this past year and thought of it again recently after listening to one of our internal short-course training sessions at AVROBIO on the Principles of Biology. A day later, I caught Short Wave’s podcast on Ignaz Semmelweis, […]