When can we co-locate once again?

Switching gears after the past few months expounding on leadership and management, I’ll turn to a question that many of us are asking (and being asked): When can we all return to the office? The answer here at AVROBIO: We don’t really know. The truth is, the answer depends on several factors. In part, it’s […]

Daring to lead in rare disease

Over the past year, we’ve had some incredibly courageous people come talk to us at AVROBIO from the Patient Advocacy communities that we work with. I played them back in my mind as I listened in to a very powerful conversation between Slalom CEO Brad Jackson and Dr. Brené Brown, who shared her thoughts and […]

Burnout or exhaustion: Learn the difference to help ourselves and colleagues address the issues

I recently listened to this Harvard Business Review podcast – an interview with Christina Maslach, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, who studies the causes and impact of burnout. This is an important topic for all of us, personally and professionally. This podcast is timely as we continue our cadence of […]

Are you a giver or a taker?

There’s something that’s been on my mind for quite a while, probably since December, when I took time to look back at 2020 and reflect on the power of coming together as a community to make it through this challenging year.  The work we are doing is unique — cutting edge. But what’s it going […]

Challenging the central dogma

You may have caught Malcolm Gladwell’s The Obscure Virus Club on his Revisionist History podcast. I heard it this past year and thought of it again recently after listening to one of our internal short-course training sessions at AVROBIO on the Principles of Biology. A day later, I caught Short Wave’s podcast on Ignaz Semmelweis, […]

Returning to the workplace

There’s a topic looming on the horizon for many organizations: Whether we’ll be returning to the workplace full-time, part-time, or rarely. The insights come from a Hidden Brain podcast interview with Nicholas Bloom, a Stanford economist who focuses on analyzing management practices. This is one of my favorite podcasts, Shankar Vedantam does a terrific job […]

Brain candy

I’ve been thinking a lot about issues governing our working lives. There’s been a lot of reason to be contemplative this way. Our lives have been upended – how we work, engage, and spend time. To get a perspective, I stepped back and began reading and listening to a lot of experts and colleagues who […]

Leading the way in bringing gene therapy to the CNS with conditioning: A renaissance for busulfan?

Effective treatment of the central nervous system (CNS) through gene therapy is a promising approach for the many genetic diseases with neurological manifestations. It’s a particular hurdle for diseases with both CNS and systemic involvement, where an effective therapy would need to work on both sides of the blood–brain barrier. Prominent among this group are […]

Negotiating 101: Gaining leverage – and using it wisely

In a recent blog post, I walked through my tips for reading your adversaries’ body language while maintaining your own poker face throughout negotiations. In this second post, I’ll share practical tactics for gaining leverage and using it wisely. Women of biotech, there’s also a special section for you – so read on! Be prepared […]